This is a proof of concept and is not indicative of the final release, which will likely never happen.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Where can I get The Simpsons: Hit & Run to play this?

You can buy it on Amazon:

How do I start a mission with my friends?

You can't. This doesn't feature missions at the moment, maybe in the future.

Where's the chat?

We do not support chat at this time.

What special keybinds are available?

X View Players

Y Drop Waypoint

>. Previous Character Model

?/ Next Character Model

U Toggles character nametags

I Toggles car nametags

J Toggles speedometer

F10 Toggles full screen map

ERMAGHAD! My school and/or work blocked this site! How will I ever play?!?

You shouldn't be using Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Multiplayer at school and/or work! (or ever)

You could try the IP Address though:

Can I has server executable?

If you see this, we know about it already.
Click "Ignore". If the game seems even more broken than it usually is, restart your game.

Will this site ever be removed?

We don't intend to keep this version online forever, we'd like to release a better one. But until then, I guess this is here. That doesn't mean this site will always be hosted, it costs money to keep this server up. So if it isn't up sometime in the future, sorry?

Why can't I connect?
One of the following reasons is possible, but...
  • The server was taken down for maintenance, we should announce this on Discord if we do. maybe?
  • The server crashed, that happens more than it should (at all).
  • An issue with your firewall? Maybe...
  • We took it down because we realised this was a travesty.
  • The big scary lawyers attacked us in a dark ally; we're probably each in several garbage bags by now.
If you can't connect and it's been down for a few minutes, tell us in #shar-online-mp and we'll look into it.
Why am I invisible?
Who knows, just cycle your character a bit.