This is a proof of concept and is not indicative of the final release, if that ever happens.

Approximately $0.00 wasted running this server.

What is this?

An officially leaked version of Lucas' Simpsons: Hit & Run Multiplayer, a mod to make the game have online multiplayer.

What's included?

All the excitement of the original game but without the stuff that actually makes it fun! All you can do is be in the same server with someone and drive around (in separate cars) together. This is a proof of concept which was thrown together in a few days a long time ago. Since then, we have made attempts at restarting and enhancing it, however it has not gotten as far as we'd like. Because we've taken so long to release something, we are now leaking this version to you! This is not to be considered an official release, consider it an official leak :)

How to play

  1. Download the client.
  2. Extract it to a folder somewhere.
  3. Open Launch.exe
  1. Set your nickname
  2. Put your Donut Team token in the "Token" field. You can get it by logging and going to
  3. Set the server to "" if it is not already.
  4. Set the server's port to "7777" if it is not already.
  5. This server does not have a password on it.